Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Twilight Phenomenon

Hello my lovely followers I realise it has been a while since my last post, but as you are about to read the past couple of weeks of my life have been consumed with a shameful obsession. Yes dear followers I am afraid I have been sucked (no pun intended) into the literary nonsense that is the twilight saga.

It all began when Stephen suggested that we watch the movie for something to do one evening, not knowing that hopeless romantic dwelling within me would be easily sucked in. I have since watched the film another four times.......I am wondering if there is some sort of 12 step programme I can follow for this little addiction.

Right I'm rambling (hence the blog title.) The main intention of this new post was in essence to review the evil which is Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. I'll give a brief overview of how I feel having now completed the saga................................I love it dearly. However, all four books have left me wanting in some way, or left me dissapointed.

Let's start with Twilight the first novel of saga, at first I was in awe of the love story I had seen in the film, but it only took me a few chapters to start to feel annoyed with Meyer's writing style. I know the saga is in essence trash, but still I don't expect slang (and American slang at that) in the text, if it is a quotation it is passable. However, Meyer uses slang thorough out the novel, and at times it reads more like a magazine than a book. I know that the Twilight saga is aimed at a younger audience but surely we should be teaching our teenagers to express themselves properly (oh dear, I sound old.)

Next is New Moon, if I'm honest this my least favourite it is very slow, and the first time read it I ended skipping about 4 chapters because I was so bored I just wanted to finish the book! I have since gone back and reread the bits that I skipped...dull, dull, dull. New Moon discusses the blossoming relationship between Bella and her werewolf friend Jacob Black, as Edward as left her after the mishap of his brother Jasper trying to eat Bella (it's happened to us all, although it's usually the mother-in-law!!) To me most the book seemed pointless as in the Edward comes back, in was just a way of dragging the story out a little.

Eclipse and Breaking Down were my favourites of the saga, although they suffered with the same negatives as the previous novels. The plot was slow moving and the use of slang rather frustrating. Breaking Down was essential three books 2 written from Bella's perspective, and the other from Jacob's. I wasn't really a fan of this, I found it ruined the flow of the book, and as I has had little interest in Jacob as a character throughout the novels I found it annoying.

There are a few other aspects of the saga in general which don't quite sit right with me. Firstly, my boyfriend took away the innocence of the story by asking me what a one hundred year old vampire would find attractive about a 17 year old girl.......if I consider this for to long I don't think I will ever be able to read or see anything to do with the twilight saga ever again. And Secondly, I am convinced that Bella is actually Meyer and that the saga was written to escape her otherwise mundane life...for example Meyer kind of looks like Bella, and they both live in Phoenix.....either that or the author has no imagination as she has used a lot of her families names within the book.

Despite my little rant on how dissappointed I was, I did truly enjoy the books I understand they will not appeal to everyone but love the romance. I only hope that Meyer recovers from the betrayal of Midnight Sun being leaked and continues to write it.

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  2. ooooo I'm hurt...more from my change in appearance then the content of the video

  3. Vampire Paedophile nonsense, give me my girlfriend back! :p