Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Imaginary Shopping

Firstly, I'll apologise for the lack of blogging, but I have had an infection in my foot (yes, my foot) which caused much moaning which unfortunately has taken up most of my time (much to Stephen's annoyance, no doubt!)  

Recently I read an article in the Sunday Times Style magazine about splurge shopping, basically any purchase over £400 for a man, and £200 for a women is classed as a splurge.  Now anyone that knows me should know I love to to shop, but unfortunately these past three years as a student has made me thrifty, I now question £20 on a dress.  Although feeling overwhelming jealousy for the woman who could "splurge" on just one more Mulberry Bayswater (just one would be nice!) I continued to read.  she then suggested to those who cannot afford just another Bayswater (me!!) to fake shop, which basically involves logging on to Pret A Portobello (or whatever takes your fancy) and going through the whole online shopping process, apart from the actual paying for it!!

Alright you probably think I have lost the plot, but my god it works.  It almost has the same gratification as actually shopping abviously it's not the same but it saves me from not paying the rent!  So here is today's fake purchase:

I recommended this to anyone who has the blues of never having enough money for what you want!  Happy Fake Shopping my lovelies!!

Sarah's must listen to this week: Royksopp - Junior 

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